Financial Profile: Christopher Atteo

March 21, 2017
Over the course of his long career as a broker, Christopher Atteo has worked with small and large investment firms and he has traded for himself at times. Throughout his career, he has developed a strong understanding of the global equity markets and derivatives from both a technical and fundamental analysis perspective. He is always trying to grow and learn more, so he doesn’t just rely on his extensive experience as an investor and trader for his knowledge; Chris also has read hundreds of books and transcripts regarding various investment strategies, economics, risk management, diversification and asset allocation. He has also studied how the greatest fund managers in the world do their jobs so successfully.

Hard work is practically in Chris Atteo’s DNA. Growing up in West Islip, New York, Chris’ father was diagnosed with MS when Chris was only nine, but as the oldest of four children, Chris felt that it was his responsible to help his family. He started with a paper route, but also worked other jobs, just to do his part. These days, Chris has traded billions of shares for institutions and individuals and his work ethic continues.